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Injaz Center in collaboration with the Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education

Injaz Center, the Professional Center for the Development of Arab Local Authorities, and the Follow-up Committee on Arab Education, with the support of Taawon, held two study days for directors of youth departments and directors of education departments in Arab local authorities. The study days aimed to encourage educational initiatives, strengthen teamwork, and raise outstanding issues, challenges faced, and the possibilities available to take responsibility and play an influential role in influencing the contents and programs in formal and non-formal education in Israel. 

Director of the Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education Adv. Hanan Marjieh opened the study days by stressing the importance of developing the work of the Directors of Education Departments Forum. She also emphasized the instrumental role of the directors of education departments as educational leaders in the Arab community. 

Mr Imad Jeraisy, the General Director of Injaz, emphasized on strengthening teamwork 

among directors of youth units and directors of education departments in the Arab local authorities and the value of collectively addressing challenges enhancing the role of directors and directors of youth departments.  

Dr Diana Daaboul delivered an opening lecture titled: “Expanding the circle of influence and educational and societal integration to stabilize the ego and identity, An Art of Leadership”, which included the concepts of identity, collective and individual identity, networking and joint action, self-development, commitment, oversight, and overcoming challenges and obstacles.

The meeting also included a presentation on the work of the Education Committee in recent years and its role in securing budgets and adapting education programs to the national, political and social needs and characteristics of Arab society. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion entitled “Education in the Arab Community: Identity, Budgets and Visions for the Future”. The panelists included Edgar Dakwar, the Chief Council of Fsouta; Fouad Awad, the Head of Mazraa Municipal Council and Sami Adawi, the Director of the Education Department in Turan Municipal Council; Saeed Shahwan, the Director of the Youth Department of Iksal Municipal Council and Head of the Forum of Directors of Youth Departments in Arabthe Arab Society, and Imad Jaraysi, the Director General of Injaz Centre.

In addition to lectures and discussion sessions, workshops, and the presentation of political papers in the field of education and the importance of organizing and structuring the education and youth forums were held over the course of two days under Jaber Asakala and Rely Athasmanah.

More than fifty directors of education and youth departments, leaders of local authorities and advisers of the national council for the heads of Arab local authorities attended the conference.