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The Forum Of The Arab Mayors

The Injaz Center, the Professional Center for Arab Local Authority Development, has inaugurated the Forum of Arab Mayors. The inaugural event was held at the Ramada Hotel in Nazareth and was attended by 15 Arab mayors. It is intended to enhance the work of Arab local authorities and strengthen the leadership of the Arab community at the local level.

Imad Jeraisy, Director General of Injaz, opened the forum by thanking attendees and emphasizing that the forum serves as a professional platform that promotes democratic discourse, enhances the quality of life for Arabs, and preserves the Arab national identity.

The Injaz Center’s Project Manager, Ms Laila Sweid, addressed the forum’s objectives and vision. She stressed the importance of the mayors’ active participation as a means of acquiring the skills and resources necessary to participate constructively in their communities. The event also included a session presented by organizational development expert Rola Athamneh. The session focused on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of local public policy. In addition, it analyzed the political, economic, and social factors that directly and indirectly affect the situation in Arab communities.

The Injaz Center’s strategy for the next five years (2022-2026) focuses on building an “Injaz community” that includes other forums such as the Arab Local Authorities Treasurers’ Forum and the Arab Local Authorities Youth Department. It is these forums that serve as professional levers for Arab local authorities to stimulate the economic and socio-economic development  process, and improve the well-being of Arab residents.