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Ecosystem for Socio-Economic Development

The development of this economy provides foundations for economic growth, strengthening social cohesion and reducing gaps among the population. The foundation of the ecosystem for socio-economic development is the recognition of the need to balance the totality of economic, social, community and environmental impacts in the locality, while rounding up many stakeholders among the organizations, who are key partners in the development of the locality in general, and the ecosystem in particular. This ecosystem provides the conceptual and practical platform for managing Arab local authorities with a systemic approach while promoting programs and activities aimed at the development of the economy, society, community, and the environment.

It should be emphasised that the local authority functions as an economic body required to develop the local economy and maintain institutional and local economic stability to achieve local economic growth and provide quality services to residents. 

Identifying the need:

At a preliminary stage, it is recommended to raise questions about the need for a process within the authority.

Project Description:

Ingaz Center offers an approach that leads the ecosystem to generate maps, plans and projects for the development of the economy in the locality, by building an infrastructure that includes the information and tools that are essential for the development of the economy in various aspects.

Mapping the existing condition


Building a strategy

Ongoing work

What you get at the end of the process:

  1. General mapping of the current status of the economic development in the locality

  2. Implementation of educational-economic-social programs for developing the economy

  3. Project portfolios for economic development combined with social, community and environmental aspects

  4. A strong foundation for the establishment of a body for the development of the economy in the locality (unit, economic company, etc.).