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Cadet Integration Track

The program is aimed at talented young people who are motivated to make an impact, who seek to combine academic excellence and social excellence in order to improve the quality of local government in the social and geographic periphery and thus lead to the reduction of social and economic gaps between the periphery and the center and between different parts of society.

To maximise the long-term potential of the scheme and to address the challenges of local government, graduates will take on roles that will lead to strengthening local authority staff, and introducing a comprehensive and long-term planning concept to the authority’s management.

Examples of target roles upon completion of training:

  1. Assistant to the General Manager /Mayor for evaluation and measurement, pooling knowledge and information and work plans.
  2. Assistant to the CEO /Director of the economic company on development and entrepreneurship issues.
  3. Reviewer of master plans and projects (subject to the CEO or relevant chief executive).
  4. Planning reviewe (subordinate to head of authority, Chief Executive, Director of Strategic Unit).
  5. Project manager at the economic cociety.
  6. Local authority coordinator of innovation, fundraising and extracurricular collaborations: third sector, neighbouring authorities, government ministries (subject to the CEO).

Identifying the need:

At a preliminary stage, it is recommended to raise questions about the need for a process within the authority.

Project description:

Injaz Center offers to accompany the authority in the process of taking in a cadet into the authority, from the definition of a need to the stage of the cadet’s integration and training according to the authority’s needs and the role he or she plays. The aim of the track is to ensure optimal integration of a cadet with the potential to strengthen and contribute to the local authority. Furthermore, the project emphasizes cadet growth within the authority by providing professional guidance and providing a specialist mentor for him.

Mapping the existing condition


Sorting and preparing infrastructure

Cadet reception

What you get at the end of the process:

  1. Integration of young personnel and a skilled and talented executive factor into the authority.

    2. Dedicated integration to promote project /targeted projects

Added Value:

The state will participate in funding cadet pay proportionally to the financial strength of the local authority to which the cadet was assigned.