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Since its establishment, the primary goal of Injaz has been to establish and support platforms for the sharing of ideas among Arab municipal leaders and developing a “common voice” that will serve their needs and interests and thereby improve the communication of those needs to the national government.  These forums serve as an essential structure from which to improve the quality of life in their towns and for their residents.

Since 2008, the Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance has successfully convened and managed important and impactful forums to improve communication and the sharing of ideas among Arab municipal leaders.These forums provide an opportunity to create a unified set of priorities, as well as providing a platform for the shared learning of best practices. 

Beginning in 2011, Injaz invited Arab mayors from across the country to meet several times a year for multi-day meetings to discuss, define and refine common challenges and opportunities. Concurrently, meetings of Arab municipal senior officials had been taking place, with the same goal in mind.  Beginning in 2018, Injaz brought the mayors and senior officials together for similar gatherings.   

These forums have been the principal means through which Injaz has established its influential and solutions-oriented relationship with Arab municipalities.The municipal leaders view these forums as a vital means to formulate a shared agenda and voice, both internally within the Arab municipalities themselves and vis-à-vis the national government.  This improved communication and sharing of ideas has resulted in concrete benefits for the municipalities, as well as stimulating a strong desire among the leaders to expand the opportunities these forums have provided.