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Injaz Board

Injaz Board
Kasim Abo Raya
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Injaz, he is the director of Sakhnin Municipality).
Prof. Nihaya Daoudis
is a feminist, social activist, a faculty member at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Modar Yonis
Mayor of Ara-Arara Municipality Committee of Mayors of Arab local Authorities
PhD. Rana Zaher
Social activist, feminist, and university professor in linguistics and English at Haifa University and Emek Yezreel College.
Mazen Adawi
The Mayor of Turan Local Council (a local council in the north) and the Secretary of the National Committee of Mayors of Arab Local Authorities
Eva Simaan
The head of the Welfare Department at Jesh Local Council
Sami Marjieh

The treasurer of Yaffit AlNasrieh Local Council

Raji Mansour

Former City Manager-CEO-Nazareth Municipality

Fayez Abu Shiban

Frmer of Rahat Municipality (in the Negev region) and the Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of Arab Mayors

Abed Alslam Drawshe
Former Chief of Iksal Local Council
Hashem Abed Alrhman
Former Mayor of UM-Alfahem Municipality
Oversight Committee
Edgar Dakwar
The Mayor of Fasota Local Council
Riad Kabha
Former Chief of Basma- Tboun Local Council
Khaled Awad
The Treasurer of Tamra Municipality