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Injaz’s Emergency Situation Room 23

Injaz Center Emergency Situation Room FLASH Update

Injaz remains steadfast in its dedication to enhancing the resilience of the Arab community, ensuring their preparedness to effectively respond to emergencies, and advancing a shared society in Israel. The Emergency Situation Room stands as a pivotal component of this commitment, and the ongoing initiatives have demonstrated tangible positive impacts.

Initial Mapping: Popular Committees and theirAreas of Activity in Arab Towns and MixedCities

The mapping addresses the topic of active popular committees, in Arab towns andmixed cities. A total of 53 towns participated in the survey. Data was extracted byengaging with local Arab authorities and Arab civilian representatives (usuallyrepresenting all party affiliations) and social activists, along with representatives of theyouth and elected officials, such as members of local authorities.

Mapping: Existing Public Sheltersin Arab Towns

This sample (hereinafter: mapping) seeks to provide a current, albeit partial, overviewof the emergency preparedness status of Arab authorities, especially in times of war.To achieve this, a model was created for 33 Arab communities (in the Negev, Triangle,and Galilee) with a total of 393 shelters. The mapping refers to the types of shelterspresent in these communities. (shelters located in educational institutions, publicfacilities, places of worship, etc.)