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Entrepreneur Attending Track

The local authority plays a very significant role in encouraging ventures because it is in a position that allows it to be the body that is able to integrate all the factors involved in establishing a venture/business and provide the information required for the success of the process.

This is a tool that organizes the required information and services in a way that will allow the local authority to speak at the pace and language of the business world and to lead an efficient process of advising and accompanying the entrepreneurs throughout the course of their activities and obtaining appropriate approvals and permits in order to promote their settlement within the locality or in the industrial area of ​​the locality.

Identifying the need:

At a preliminary stage, it is recommended to raise questions about the need for a process within the authority.

Project Description:

Injaz Center offers a process that leads the local authority to build an infrastructure that includes the essential information and tools to support entrepreneurs who wish to establish a business within the town. The planning and implementation of the process will be carried out under the professional supervision of a project manager and a specialist strategic adviser on behalf of Ingaz.




Making a decision on continuing/ceasing professional accompaniment in the project implementation process.​

What you get at the end of the process:

  1. A local authority capable of acting in the language and pace of the business world.
  2. An optimal portfolio of services for existing and potential businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. A system that operates in a systemic and efficient manner.
  4. An action plan of a targeted project for economic development.
  5. A strong foundation for the establishment of an economic development body (unit, economic company, etc.).

Added Values:

  1. An information file for the entrepreneur and a useful methodology.
  2. Creating a community of local businesses. 
  3. Option to receive professional guidance when implementing a project.