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Injaz launches a study-day on City Beautification Department

Injaz Center – The Professional Center for the Development of Arab Local Authorities, in partnership with Al-Mazra’a Local Council, initiated a study day on the project “City Beautification Department”, to present the study carried out by Injaz during last year, which included a summary of the opportunities and challenges facing Arab local authorities and Al-Mazra’a Local Council in particular, with regards to establishing city beautification departments.

The study addressed the lack of similar units and its impact on the quality of life of citizens in the Arab towns, the study also maps the professional opportunities and challenges facing the Arab local authorities in setting up such units, especially the economic challenges involved. In addition to the recommendations related to organizing the issue of waste management, and on how to make practical and effective use of the services provided by local authorities in areas such as: general maintenance, health, licensing of businesses, and improving the quality of the environment.

The project was coordinated by Injaz’s project manager Ms. Layla Sweid, as well as Mr. Fouad Awad the head of Al-Mazra’a local council and the council’s staff. The experts and advisors involved were Ms. Shahira Shibli as the organizational development consultant, and environmental consultants Mr. Yael Kaplan and Mr. Omran Amarneh. The head of the local council and senior staff also participated in the study day.