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The objectives of the committee include:

Support ALAs in utilizing the finds allocated to carry our environmental programs and projects. Mapp out the environmental challenges and pressing issues identified across ALAs. Articulating the environmental issues, projects, and programs that it is concerning the Arab society in Israel. Support Local Arab authorities in addressing the environmental issues in the Arab society.

Since the update sent in April, the committee has engaged in the following principal activities:

the development of the policy paper titled “Promotion of the Quality of the Environment in Arab Local Authorities” which was a key reference in the discussions between representatives of the committee and representatives of the Economic Development Authority and other government ministries.

The following recommendations were adopted to GR550 in full:

1-Allocation of budget for projects for renewable energy production in Arab local authorities.

2-Allocation of budget for energy efficiency projects in Arab local authorities and the territories of Arab society.

3-Allocation of budget for installing electric vehicle charging stations in Arab society.

4- Appointment of energy managers and publicity campaigns, education, and training to raise awareness on renewable energy.

5- Fostering local leadership and grass-roots consciousness raising.

6- Increased supervision and enforcement of environmental issues in Arab society.

7- Significant investment in infrastructure in the Arab sector aimed at increasing the number of households connected to the sewage system.

8- Allocation for budget for establishing and empowering urban improvement divisions in Arab local authorities.

9- Allocation of budget for preparing master plans for handling climate change in Arab authorities based on a vulnerability survey; budget for the plans.

10- Preparing a strategic plan for waste disposal for each local authority, with guidance from an operational consultant.

11- Implementation of a survey of the effects on the environment in Arab society adjacent to quarries and allocation of budget for setting up air monitoring stations in these society.

Seminar for ALA officials and other stakeholders

On November 10, 2021 a seminar focusing on environmental issues entitled “Sustainability in Arab Local Authorities” was held and was attended by municipal officials, including mayors, directors of ALA environmental units, and an array of environmental professionals, NGOs, and other stakeholders.

“Improving the Face of the City” model department”

towards building a professional and organizational structure we evaluated existing SHIF’A departments in the Arab local authorities and identified the challenges, weaknesses, and the strengths in order to develop an effective and efficient model. So far, we identified 5 localities that have the potential to adopt the model. the localities are Ein Mahel, Kabul, Basmat Taboun and Kfar Yasef and Mizeaa.

In collaboration with Heschel Center, and Deloitte and the National Committee for Arab Mayors (NCAM) we are following up the implantation of new renewable energy and sustainability project in the Arab local authorities.