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The Youth Departments Forum in Arab Local Authorities


The Youth Departments Forum in Arab Local Authorities is a pioneering initiative of the Injaz Center and the Follow-up Committee on Arab Education Issues in collaboration with the National Committee of Arab Mayors.

A key objective of this forum is to provide directors of youth departments with a platform for professionalizing their work by conducting study days and developing policy papers on informal education, education for values, a sense of belonging, volunteering, encouraging teamwork, educational initiatives, and advocating for the rights of our community in complementary education. Moreover, the directors will address challenges collectively and empower and strengthen other youth in their communities. In particular, in light of the challenges that managers and executives are facing.


The forum aims to:

  1. Develop an educational vision that shapes and solidifies Arab youth’s identity by promoting informal education and ensuring that educational programs are adapted to Arab society national and cultural needs.

2. Provide Arab youth with the opportunity to participate in planning and promoting the activities and programs and to influence the content and values that are communicated through them.

3. Address the challenges and barriers Arab youth encounter in their careers, particularly concerning national identity and their sense of belonging.