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Establishing an Administration of Employment and Trade Areas

Establishing an Administration of Employment and Trade Areas

The purpose of establishing an administration: to ensure the efficiency of the local authority in managing of employment or trade areas in the locality in a
one stop shop format (OSS)


The establishment of the administration allows a controlled process of work by the local authority in the management of employment or trade areas that takes into account the needs and interests of the settlement while creating a system that supports entrepreneurs and businesses operating in the employment area.  Management by the administration also enables effective handling of the operational aspects and service delivery of the local authority while providing adequate infrastructure and conditions for the activities of entrepreneurs and business owners. It also facilitates the promotion of the economic aspects of the local authority in employment areas.

Identifying the need for the establishment of an OSS “administrative” for areas of employment and trade

Project Description:

The Injaz Center offers to accompany the local authority in setting up a one-stop shop OSS administration when it comes to the employment area of the town. In addition, it is suggested to help integrate the locality into the administration if the locality is a partner in another employment area.




Administration Roles:

  1. Establishing a database: Collecting information and building a database on projects and vacant areas: identifying benefits and problems and supporting decision-making in the municipality’s business-economic planning processes.
  2. Preparation of a work plan linked to the municipal budget for the operation, delivery of services and maintenance of the employment area.
  3. Operations and development of services.

What you get at the end of the process:

  1. Operating administration to manage employment areas
  2. Co-ordinate with entrepreneurs operating in the region