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Injaz Center

The Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance (Injaz) is a leading organization working to advance professionality in and among local Arab municipalities in Israel.


INJAZ (“Achievement” in English) is a registered non-profit organization founded in 2008 at the behest of Israel’s National Council of Arab Mayors by Mr. Shawki Khatib, then the Chairman of the National Council, in response to the under development and chronic dependence on the federal government of Israel’s Arab municipalities, as well as to the unsatisfactory internal professional capacity of Arab municipalities’ operations and personnel.

Local municipalities in Israel are the principal provider of services to their residents. Whether the municipality is a small village or a large city, the municipalities are the primary engine that drives economic development and growth. The Arab municipalities in Israel face unique challenges, however. These municipalities typically lack the human and financial resources, infrastructure, clout, professionalism and opportunities to optimize their functioning. As a result, there is a lack of economic development and hampered integration into Israel’s economy, which negatively impacts basic service delivery and the overall quality of life of residents.  


The vision of Injaz is the existence in Arab municipalities of professional, sustainable infrastructures that effectively advance the needs and interests of the municipalities and that are built on a foundation of mutual trust between the residents, the municipal leaders, and the national government.


The mission of Injaz is to assist Arab municipalities in building strong, effective and professional systems and sustainable infrastructures that position the municipalities to pro-actively advance their economic interests and service delivery, and thereby improve the lives of residents. 


Means of Achieving These Goals

Injaz works within Arab municipalities, among and between Arab municipalities, and between Arab municipalities and the federal government.

Injaz’s “entry point” in working with a municipality is in one or both of two main areas: 

  •  Establishing and maintaining an operational, economic, and/or environmental infrastructure 
  • The hands-on provision of services 

An individual municipality receives the benefit of Injaz’s work in either or both of these areas depending on its specific needs. Injaz deems its work to be successful to the degree that this infrastructure serves the members of the community and is sustainable, and the degree to which the services offered result in tangible improvement in the residents’ overall quality of life.