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Injaz and the local authority of Mazra’a are

Injaz – the professional development force engine of the Arab local authorities, in cooperation with the local authority of Al-Mazra’a, initiated a study day that included workshops in the local authority to discuss the establishment of a unit to improve the town appearance. This followed several practical and professional sessions and meetings carried out by Injaz with the head of the local authority, Mr. Fouad Awad, senior employees in the local authority and with the participation of local women’s and youth, in order to get an updated picture of the general physical condition in the town and build an action plan that fits the existing conditions and that will improve the environmental appearance of the town.

The study day included the following topics: Injaz’s presentation on the issue of improving the appearance of the town and the environment in the Arab local authorities and the process of work carried out with Mazra’a’s local authority, a lecture on environmentalism and an overview of the most important environmental challenges facing the town and ways to deal with them, in addition to a presentation of the results of improving the appearance of the town in the local authority and a discussion on the topic, which was moderated by Mrs. Shahira Shibli, an organizational consultant”.

 The workshop was attended by the head of the local authority, Mr. Fouad Awad, senior officials in the local authority, managers of various departments and representatives of local women and youth groups.

 At the end of the workshop, practical and professional recommendations were put forth for the environmental development of the town, the most important of which was examining the possibility of establishing an appearance-improving unit for the town, and the ongoing professional accompaniment of Injaz Center, in building along with the local council a professional, organizational and budget plan for the appearance-improving unit.