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More than 50 Accountants Participate in Injaz’s Accountants Forum

Injaz has recently launched a forum for accountants of Arab local authorities, due to the importance of building and developing professional and organizational infrastructure within the Arab local authorities.

Especially following government decision 550(the Five-Year Plan) allocating 30 billion to the Arab society in various fields. The accountants in the Arab local authorities have an important position within the local authority, as they are the central link in the accounting department of the local authority that informs of all financial aspects, incomes, revenues, expenses, budget donations and appeals. In addition to their understanding of the financial challenges facing the local authority, the various projects and departments within the local authority, as well as their experience in working with government ministries. This forum includes more than 50 accountants from Arab local authorities.
 This forum aims to monitor and follow up the implementation of government decision 550 by establishing a permanent professional platform representing the forces working in the field of the Arab local authorities by adopting urban models, mechanisms and professional work tools; strengthening capacities within, and following up decisions with ministries and stakeholders to benefit and exhaust available resources. The forum works on three central levels: the first, following up on the implementation of government decision 550. Second, at the level of the local authority itself, learning through experience how to better utilize budgets and exhaust them. The third is to work to reduce the gaps in balancing grants and to accommodate the budgets for Arab local authorities.
It is worth noting that this forum came as part of the process of learning and drawing lessons from the previous government decision 922, as there is a lack of action plans and programs that meet the needs of the Arab community.  And the lack of professional capabilities to monitor the implementation of the plan or decision. This forum is also considered a platform for raising outstanding issues in the Arab local authorities.