Help us end years of systemic discrimination against Arab citizens of Israel!

14-11-2016 - 12:27

Help us end years of systemic discrimination against Arab citizens of Israel!


The Israeli government is taking big steps to potentially change years of systemic discrimination that have plagued the Arab minority in Israel since the establishment of the state. Resolution # 922 marks an unprecedented opportunity with massive allocation of government funds to Arab Local Authorities for the benefit of the Arab population.

However: the Israeli government lacks the knowledge , relationships and experience working with the Arab community to determine exactly how to allocate this money, what conditions to to establish for its distribution, and how to define its use. That is why they have approached us at Injaz, with our wealth of knowledge of Arab local government, our preexisting relationships with Arab senior officials and the the trust we have built with the Arab community, to assist in negotiations and application of Resolution # 922.

From our partnerships with Arab Local Authorities over the last eight years, we have catalyzed a dramatic change in local governments' capacity for professional organization. Due to the trainings, conferences and seminars we have established, we have built lasting relationships with over fifty Arab mayors and a large number of senior officials and have succeeded in changing the culture of discourse, decision making and prioritization in many local authorities. As a result, we have been asked by the National Committee of Arab mayors to represent them in negotiations with the Israeli government. We therefore serve a critical role for the Arab minority in Israel. We at Injaz are a critical bridge between the the Arab municipalities and the national government, helping both sides understand each other, and ensuring that the true needs of the Arab population are represented to both sides.

Due to our advocacy on behalf of the Arab population, the government has already modified its allocations of funds in 922, for example - doubling the money allocated for informal education from 65 million NIS to 135 million NIS in our negotiations with the Ministry of Education, and allocating much more funds for long term sustained economic development in our negotiations with the Ministry of Interior.

However, there is still a long way to go in our work with Local Authorities to ensure that this money reaches the Arab population and meets their real needs, in order for # 922 funding to truly end discrimination experienced daily by the Arab minority. Our ALA partners report that before Injaz ' training, local government decisions were largely made on the basis of "tribal" family connections, personality politics, and with little or no transparency to the electorate. In addition, local government choices for budget allocation were based on the influence and preferences of officials in positions of power and not according to the needs of the local population. The bottom line is that with little oversight from the national government, Arab Local Authorities need our sustained help to further their capacity to serve the Arab minority with professionalism, organization and evidence based models that will ensure that they can use the funds now at their disposal to provide equal access to resources for the Arab population.

Please help us continue to work with Arab Local Authorities to end tribalism and institute professional organizational practices to finally bring equality and justice to the Arab citizens of Israel.

We need your financial support to make this happen.

Help us transform Resolution # 922 into the end of systemic discrimination for Arabs in Israel through our mediation with both the government and Arab Local Authorities. Help us bring justice and equality to Arab citizens in Israel today!

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