Increasing the welfare of residents in Arab localities


The forums of Arab municipal leaders are considered the flagship project of Injaz and have been taking place since 2011. The quarterly forums serve as a professional platform for municipal officials to share common challenges and opportunities, with the larger goal of advancing the operation and service delivery of their respective towns through the establishment of sustainable municipal infrastructures and processes.


A powerful platform from which to advance and promote the efforts of the municipal leaders of Arab municipalities is through Injaz’s longstanding work with the National Council of Arab Mayors, specifically through its sub-committee structure. When the historic federal Resolution 922 was passed in 2016, earmarking some $4 billion for Israel’s Arab municipalities, Injaz was among the non-profits approached by the National Council to leverage this unprecedented opportunity. At that time, the National Council created 11 sub-committees, each of which was to focus on a specific area of concern, such as education, the environment, industrial zones, etc.


Injaz offers Arab municipalities a number of comprehensive services, work plans, and hands-on support designed to advance the abilities, knowledge base and skills of local officials and professionals. This is accomplished by designing, promoting and managing a local organizational infrastructure that is readily implementable and can be sustained.

Injaz was founded as a non-profit organization in 2008 at the behest of the National Council of Arab Mayors in response to the under development and chronic dependence of Israel’s Arab municipalities on the federal government, as well as to the unsatisfactory internal professional capacity of municipal operations and personnel.


Injaz has since that time become a highly respected and trusted advocate for Arab municipalities and has worked directly or indirectly with more than 60 of the 85 Arab municipalities throughout Israel.  Additionally, the federal government is increasingly turning to Injaz to offer its services to Arab towns, since it has seen real progress being made, which benefits both the Arab community and the country overall.  


The mission of Injaz is to assist Arab municipalities in building strong, effective and professional systems and sustainable infrastructures that position the municipalities to pro-actively advance their economic interests and service delivery, and thereby improve the lives of residents. 


The vision of Injaz is the existence in Arab municipalities of professional, sustainable infrastructures that effectively advance the needs and interests of the municipalities and that are built on a foundation of mutual trust between the residents, the municipal leaders, and the national government.