First workshop for Arab Mayors forum

On the 18./19.5.2011 Injaz held its first two day workshop for the Forum 2030, featuring the 12 members of the smaller leadership forum forming the base for the Forum 2030 of Arab mayors and municipal professional staff. Ramiz Jaraise, mayor of Nazarethand board member of Injaz stated:  ”Injaz contributes to change the concepts and ways of thinking in matters relating to the Arab local authorities.”

This workshop was organized by Injaz in cooperation with the National Committee of Arab mayors. It aims to take out a group of committed and engaged mayors from their daily routines (Injaz organized the workshop near the Dead Sea) and enable them to learn, discuss and analyze important matters related to the Arab local authorities inIsrael. The ultimate aim is to promote the development of professional Arab local governance that can act as local leadership and deal with economic issues like economic development, unemployment and private businesses, with social issues such as violence and political issues such as the relation between local authorities and the central government. With the support of professional facilitators participants are to meet every three months over a year’s period, broadening their horizons, enhancing and training their capacities.

Shawki Khateeb, president of the board of Injaz, former mayor of Yafi’a and former head of the National Committee of Arab local authorities and the High Follow Up Committee stated that Injaz initiated the Forum to give the mayors an opportunity to sit on one round table and discuss into depth important challenges facing them and the Arab citizens in Israel.


Ms. Ghaida Renawi Zoabi, General Director of Injaz stated that for Injaz it had been clear from the beginning that there was a great need to establish a professional framework for the leaders of the Arab local governance that would allow the research and definition of the characteristics and agenda of Arab local governance in Israel and develop strategic alternatives for municipal work in Israel.


The feedback from the participants was highly positive, all of them welcoming the opportunity to deal more in depth with important challenges with colleagues and professionals from the field. The urgent request was to arrange for the next workshop as soon as possible.


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